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April 18, 2011 12:18
By Jayson A. Wyner, Nutritionist to the Pros

MISTAKE #1: Eat clean 24-7.
I used to think that to build muscle or lose fat you should stick to your diet 365 days a year –

and so this is what I did leading up to my first photo shoot. Unfortunately, every couple weeks I

experienced a full-out uncontrollable binge and noticed very little change in my body.

Now, after years of training and experimenting with diet, I have learned that it’s imperative to

schedule cheat meals in order to experience noticeable changes in my body. So now I schedule my

cheat meal for every Saturday when I have Sushi. If I am still craving food off my regular diet I

will allow myself another cheat consisting of two hamburgers on either Tuesday or Wednesday. If I

do decide to have a second cheat meal, I prepare the burgers myself to ensure I am not going too

far off track. About once a month I will have a dessert such as green tea ice cream. The rest of my

diet throughout the week is extremely clean – but by allowing myself these scheduled cheats I

notice obvious progressions in my body, and it keeps staying on track a lot easier.

MISTAKE #2: Eliminating carbs
Although it is true that overdoing carbs can add unwanted fat to your physique, very few people

understand how and when to eat them in order to truly reap all the benefits. I believe in always

including complex carbs (such as a yam, sweet potato or brown rice) in my pre and post workout

meals. Complex carbohydrates have a high nutritional value, are rich in fiber, but do not spike

your insulin levels. For a safe rule of thumb I usually have 2-4 carb meals all before 5pm. After

5pm I cut out all my carbs. This allows me to sustain my energy levels throughout the day and still

make gains while staying super lean.

MISTAKE #3: Skipping a meal
In order to lose fat it is important to eat fewer calories than your body is burning. However, by

skipping a meal – just because you’re eating less food, it does not mean you’re losing more weight.

In fact, you are putting your body into starvation mode and lowering your metabolism. During this

time, while your body is in this catabolic state, you force your body to use muscle for energy

ultimately limiting your progression. Additionally, most people will over eat at the next meal, to

try to satiate their hunger. The overeating is what causes the extra fat, so not only are you

burning muscle while you are missing a meal but by the time you eat you are now overeating which is

a sure way to get off track. You should really shoot for 5-8 small meals spread over the course of

the day to maintain energy levels and prevent any temptations to binge.

MISTAKE #4: Fat is the enemy.
Fat has an unnecessary bad reputation that, as a diet food, it is bad for weight loss and health.

This may prove true when it comes to saturated fats, but you absolutely need a good amount of

healthy fats in your diet. By good fats I mean non-saturated fats such as almond butter, natural

peanut butter, and avocado. These fats will actually increase your metabolic rate and increase fat

burning resulting in weight loss. Fats are great to use at night time when combined with protein or

post cardio to keep the fat burning processing going until your next meal (provided you do not take

in carbohydrates).

MISTAKE #5: Use someone else’s diet because it worked for them.
Years ago, when dieting down for a Hawaiian vacation, I followed a diet that was sent by one of my

friends in the IFBB. Although he clearly knew what he was talking about and how the food portions

and timing worked effectively for his own body – this was not the case for me. I made the mistake

of trying to follow his exact diet without any guidance or alterations and it backfired


Over time I have learned in order to be your best you must have the best team around you supporting

you. If you are a serious athlete, I highly suggest hiring a professional diet coach to design a

diet specifically tailored to your body’s needs, and to monitor your progression and make tweaks

where needed.

Through my own personal trial and error, and through working with some of the top names in the

industry, I’ve discovered what it takes to help someone transform their body from good to great.

Every athlete is different – which is why I’ve created the Wyner Nutrition Systems (WNS). I take

each individual requirement into consideration and create a professional custom nutrition and

supplement program that corresponds to your body’s needs.

If you would like to have a custom WNS plan designed for permanent, fat loss, off season muscle

mass or strength and endurance from my 13 years of experience working with the pros and self

experimentation… I encourage you to visit my website at

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