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dicas artigos iron man

Publicado  sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2011

Over-40 Training Articles

By: Iron Man Magazine Editors

Avoiding Injuries by Pete Sisco
If you've been around a gym very long and talked to a few of the regulars, you'll soon discover nearly everyone, it seems, is nursing some kind of injury.

Over-40 Bodybuilding by John Hansen
Training Adjustments to Keep You Gaining Through Middle Age.

Muscular Methuselah by Steve Holman, Iron Man Editor in Chief
In-the-trenches Supplementation for Over-40 Bodybuilders.

Over-40 Flexer-Uppers by L. Rea
How to Get Rid of Your Fat, Limp and Almost Lifeless Middle-Aged Body.

Over-40 Muscle and Health Diet by Jerry Brainium
Build Your Body Through Middle Age and Beyond.

Over-40 Nutrition by Jerry Brainium
Jerry Brainum, renowned researcher and over-40 bodybuilder, reveals what supplements he takes and why.

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